Tubal reversal

“Tubal Reversal,” also called “Tubal Sterilization Reversal,” or “Tubal Ligation Reversal,” or “Microsurgical Tubal Reanastomosis,” is a surgical procedure that can restore fertility to women after a tubal ligation. By rejoining the separated segments of the fallopian tube, tubal reversal can give women the chance to become pregnant again. In some cases, however, the separated segments cannot actually be reattached to each other. In some cases the remaining segment of tube needs to be reimplanted into the uterus (a ‘tubal reimplantation’). In other cases, when the end of the tube (the ‘fimbria’) has been removed, a procedure called a neofimbrioplasty must be performed to recreate a functional end of the tube which can then act like the missing fimbria and retrieve the egg that has been released during ovulation.

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