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Surgical technologists perform a wide variety of tasks, all of them essential to a competent flow of work in the operating room. Working in the field requires good manual dexterity, an eye for detail and physical stamina. This career is a good fit for anyone who likes to have a high level of responsibility and can handle stressful situations with ease.

We started Surgical Tech with a vision: to provide a comprehensive guide for prospective surgical technologists, including state-by-state guidelines, local regulations and potential training programs. We know how hard it is to get started in a new career, and we wanted to help our fellow surgical technologists by providing useful information about the training process. We hope this resource will arm you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your future career.

Our contributors at Surgical Tech are not financially affiliated with any of the organizations highlighted on this website. We merely wish to highlight our chosen career and attract like-minded colleagues to the profession. If that sounds like you, then welcome to the start of your future career.

Laura Young


Laura started her career as a surgical technologist before earning her RN and eventually switching careers again to become a full-time medical writer. Grateful for the knowledge she gained from her early career, Laura loves to share her expertise with aspiring technologists and volunteers as a guest lecturer at a local training program. In her free time, Laura loves going to the beach with her two young grandchildren.

Tresa Parish

Tresa Parish


Tresa loves working as a surgical technologist and finds the career is a perfect fit for her personality. When not at her day job, Tessa teaches dance at a local studio and enjoys taking her students on the road for competitions. Tessa took part in a life-changing medical mission the summer before the Covid-19 outbreak and would love to participate again when the pandemic has resolved.

Ellen Fendley

Ellen Fendley

Contributing Writer

Ellen became a surgical technologist 10 years ago, after spending many years as an outdoor adventure guide. She currently lives in Wisconsin and is involved in her biggest adventure to date: raising two teenagers and an active preschooler. Ellen enjoys her family but also hopes to find a few minutes for herself someday soon.